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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Your Online Service Planner

Where can I get support?
We have two tools we use for support:
Youtube instructional videos located at

Email:  Our committment is a turn around of one business day for any issues.
Does it cost anything to use ServiceLogik? 
No, membership to track the maintenance of your property is free.  This includes the reminder service, the ability to transfer maintenance history to a new owner, and the ability to post various items for review from vendors through our marketplace.  If you choose to sell your property with ServiceLogik, there will be a charge per property until it is either sold or removed from sale or lease by the member.  Items removed by the owner after placed on the For Sale/Lease listing will not be refunded and will incur another fee if listed again in the future.
Define property? 
Property in is defined as a physical item that requires maintenance.  The list of items can include, but is not limited to, a car, a truck, a van, a house, a condo, a motorcycle/ATV, a watercraft, etc.  Heck, you can even add yourself and plan out your next doctor's visit.
What property can I track? 
You can track any item that requires maintenance.  Due to the wide range of available property, we have specifically listed the following property:
Automobile, truck, van, SUV, etc.
RV - Camper
Other, like yourself !
If your property is not listed, you may use the category of "Other" and build your maintenance schedule.  If we see a trend that a specific property is required, we will add it to the system.
How many properties can I track? 
You can track as many property as you like, there is no limit 
What is a dashboard? 
A dashboard provides the member with a summary view of the next 90 day maintenance items for all property contained in your profile as well as any correspondence between yourself and your selected vendors. 
Do you offer recall information for Canada? 
Yes, we provide a link to the Recall database from Transport Canada
In addition to vehicles, the database from Transport Canada lists a wide array of recalls such as baby seats, RVs, and cars, to name a few.
How do I recover my password ? 
You would simply click on "Lost Password?" and supply your email address.  The password would then be sent to your email address.
Does the property need to be new? 
No.  Once you enter your property details, you will be permitted to edit all previous maintenance items up to date, including the ability to upload one invoice per maintenance event.  This provides you with the opportunity to bring all your records up to date and to provide a complete view of the maintenance of your property. 
Can I modify an property's maintenance schedule? 
Yes.  The maintenance schedules that are provided are guidelines compiled from different sources, allowing you to tailor the schedules to fit your specific requirements. 
How can you tell my property needs maintenance? 
Each of the predefined property (Automobile, Motorcycle/ATV, Home, Watercraft, and RV) have suggested maintenance schedules which are defined by either time (every Dec 15) or activity base (every 5,000 kms or 20 hours).  The system uses your updated to the usage index (odometer reading or hours used) to calculate your consumption rate.  The system will then calculate when the next milestone will be achieved and the date will reflect this estimate.  Homes will have a monthly service plan automatically assigned.
What happens if I pass the service date without updating the system? 
You can either skip the maintenance item or mark it as incomplete.  These will not show when producing a report to support the sale of your property on any other site.
What if I skip a maintenance item?
If you skip the item, this will show on your maintenance history  as "Skipped".   If you place that property for sale, it will not appear in the records but there would be a gap in the chronological history.
Do I have to go to a dealer to have my property serviced?
No, you are able to service your property at any location, either the dealer, local mechanic, or even yourself.  If you do work yourself, it would be beneficial to attach a receipt for the materials purchased.
How do the reminders work?
Reminders are controlled in your Service Item details.  Each service item provides you with the ability to specify the timing of your reminder.  The default in the system is to remind the member 10 days prior to the service item's due date.  The reason for this is to allow for you to establish an appointment, either online or through traditional channels.   You have the ability to change the timing in order to be reminded at a different interval, for example, you may want to be reminded about your car service one month prior to the date so you can make arrangements and determine the best day for the appointment.  Reminders also contain coupons/promotions directly related to your service requirements in order to help you save money and take advantage of any promotional packages available to you. 
How do I use the coupons/promotions contained in the reminders?  
When you receive your email, simply click on the coupon or promotion and you will either be presented with a printable coupon or sent to a location where you can find more details on how to take advantage of the promotion or coupon. 
How do I find professionals to service my property?
Simply open your maintenance item that you want to execute, then click on the "Find Vendor" button.  You will be presented with the listing of available vendors.  Once you locate your vendor, click on the vendor's radio button at the far right and the information will be recorded into your maintenance item.
What if my Vendor is not listed?
Simply send us a note and we will add it to our database.  We currently have approximately 198,000 vendors across Canada, but we still may have missed a few in the database.
How do I make an appointment online? 
Once you select your vendor for your service event, you can choose to make an appointment request.  If the vendor has a vendor profile with ServiceLogik (which is free for vendors), then the vendor will be notified to accept, decline, or reschedule your appointment.  You will receive notification in your dashboard of any action taken by the vendor. 
What if my Vendor is not on ServiceLogik?
If your vendor does not have a profile with ServiceLogik, you can print the maintenance details and provide them to your vendor or send a pdf copy to the vendor's email address, if known.  We encourage you to spread the word about ServiceLogik and let your vendors know that the profile is free and can provide much more visibility and automation for them.
What if my Vendor does not have an email address? 
If the email address is unknown, you can print the maintenance details and provide them to your vendor. 
I want to sell my property, can ServiceLogik help me?
Yes, you can produce a Sales report used to support the sale of your property.  The result will be a link that you can attach to any site for selling your property.
Can I transfer my maintenance history to the new owner?
Yes, you would go to the specific property and click on the "Transfer property" link.  You will be prompted to enter the member's email address and a secret code.  The property and the maintenance history, along with invoices if you so choose,  will be removed from your profile and sent to the new owner once they enter the secret code.
What happens when I list a project?
While adding a project, you are asked specifically abou tthe region and the category.  We use this information to alert all register service providers who operate in those regions that your project has been listed.  Service providers can then log into ServiceLogik and view your project details and communicate with you about your project. 
What if I do not want my project listed for Service Providers to see?
In that case, simply add a non-scheduled event for that property and list all the details.  The event would not be visible to Service Providers but will be recorded in your property history. 
I am a Service Vendor, how do I join?
Service Providers benefit from online appointments, detailed service requirements, project visibility, and more for free!  Simply click the link on the Welcome page called "Vendor Signup" or click here.


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